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Thread: Exposing and Jayant Athavale

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    Exposing and Jayant Athavale

    As stated on my introduction, I've tried to post here my experiences with said group, at first they state, oh, this is very easy, just remove personality defects, reduce ego and pull it towards God (apparently pulling ego towards God is doing their handywork as per their liking empowering themselves over you). In fact you never get to talk to their guru, He has no ego but won't speak to anybody, and if you mention this he's affected by negative energies (according to their spiritual research, only evolved persons spiritually are beyond the attack of negative entities, evil spirits, etc.) so much for an uber-guru -also 'nurturing seekers' are the most hilariously disquiet-nervous, unable to intellectually place an at least convincing excuse as to why 'x' thing is happening.

    I've had my share of good and bad experiences, good ones: Shamadhi, this is real good stuff, and I encourage you all to be persistent with whichever practice you do, because the superconscious state is really worth it, and you are pretty close to God in such state. Bad ones, ghosts do exist, but some puja nullifies, as usual, you can start looking for Vishnu's ONBV and Datta mantras for that problem, but by no means do accept it from anybody, do it on your own and as you feel it should be done -don't get a diksha from just anybody or you will regret it in most cases-

    And I can tell that the ghosts are: tantra used by the disciples (I got tired of having tantric sex with my ex-gf (psychic-vampire) who was residing in another city, do they really wanna fool me like that?, etc.

    And of course, the personality defect removal is... well: Plainly during satsangs imprinting in you (as when doing puja you are in a slight trance) bad impressions for your subconscious to absorb, so you develop bad qualities and you become unhappy and are more adhered to them.

    So... yet another one, this was elaborate, a psychiatrist mentally harming people... nothing new -no offense to serious, friendly psychiatrist that actually do help instead of causing more harm- (And yes, he was Deity Rama, of course, not just the soul as we all are, that is, God within).

    I may be forgetting to share stuff, so feel free to ask about the experience, but yeah, I'm finding than most 'seekers' do share this point and are looking for a way to expose them, so am I, would like to know what institution is THE BEST for such a case to contact actually.

    But you learn, and I'm grateful for in spite of spiritual regression for having served adharma -you don't have an idea of how infuriating it can be not to be able to read people's minds some times, guessing when something is going to happen, using reiki without attunement... (lost most shiddis from previous lifetimes) having learnt very valuable lessons, and lessons are in reality our true guru, pushing us towards Self realization. Also would like to recommend a lifesaver book for tough times, should you want to read it, because sometimes we lose focus: Lifting the veil of duality, by Andreas Moritz (I could recommend tantric texts too, but not all of us can read Sanskrit, would love to learn ) And another truth you learn is that, yes, personality defects do pull you away from god, but nowadays you can get brainsync or any other brainwave tech to use possitive affirmations and put those problems away I'm grateful to God for this learning too, but not to the egos that used this knowledge against me and many others.

    Warm regards, Ral.

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    Dr. Athavale is a real Guru and you should apologize and remove your post.

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    I will wait for that punishment that with "no doubt" will strike me.

    For the time being the punishment consists on me being on the true way and being better off than when I was following that person, back them it appeared I was a cursed person, nowadays you could say the opposite. Something I can confirm after all the signals I have gotten. The visible rage felt by those that wish me harm and hell is very telltale also.

    Hardly can he be some guru if he doesnt teach the true way.

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    Only real Saints can tell if other people are Saints, so one will have to grow spiritually to realize who the real Saints are.

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